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The Goals of the PSM CME Division are to:

  • Provide physicians and other healthcare professionals with up to date information on evaluation, treatment modalities, advances in clinical practice, new technologies, research, evidence-based medicine, and needs assessment.

  • To foster the professional development of PSM faculty members as healthcare educators through the development of activities in teaching methodologies, evaluation, and research skills.

  • Qualify community physicians and health professionals in new methods of education, research, and healthcare delivery from an interdisciplinary, cultural, and ethical perspective.

  • Ensure the quality of educational programs by adhering to the guidelines and standards established by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

  • Collaborate with PSM affiliated hospitals and other healthcare organizations by helping them to assess and meet their CME needs.

  • Provide on-going outcomes assessment of the programs using multiple evaluation tools; these results will be used in the planning, improvement, and evaluation of continuing education and new program.