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Emergency Medicine Exercises


This exercise has been designed for general practitioner and will be available for the other physician with special interest in ER.
  • Description of the Activity
         8 patients to be evaluated in 20 minutes each.
         Record Documentation in some of the stations to be
         completed after the evaluation of the patient.  A soap
         format will be requested.

               Emergency Room, Ambulatory and / or Inpatient can
                be included.  
                A 4 station remediative exercise will be available in the 
                January 2009 Semester.  A non pass performance will
                be the only reason to request a remediative exercise.

  • Areas of Evaluation (Skills)
    History taking, physical examination, general clinical management, interviewing skills, ethics, test selection and interpretation and record documentation
  • Report Information
    The participant will receive a complete report on his/her performance by skills and by case.  You will receive the information on the next 60 days after your activity.  An adequate level of performance has been established for the exercise of 70%.
  • Cost

    • The cost for each activity is $260.00/participant
      (including Continued Medical Education
    • Remediative Exercise
    • Payment should be received at least 4 weeks before the activity to guarantee your participation in the session of your preference.
    • A receipt will be available for you the day of the activity.
Request for Participation

Confirmation of the activity requested

Note: The SPP will send you a confirmation note non later than 2 weeks prior to the Clinical Activity.  The confirmation will be send to the participant after the registration and payment are received.