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Program General Description

  • The Standardized Patient Program (SPP) is the clinical teaching and evaluation unit of Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences (PSM-HS).
  • The Program offers clinical activities to the Medical School, PsyD and Phd Psychology Programs of PSMHS. The Unit also offers clinical competencies, evaluation activities to Medicine Post Graduate Programs (Residency Programs affiliated to PSMHS. The SPP has an experience of more than seventeen years of service to PSM and its clinical programs.
  • The activities are available for revision by the faculty members in charge of the final report and/or the participant.
  • Special activities for Physicians Assessment of their clinical skills are available.
  • Clinical Skills Review Courses are also available at the PSMHS Standardized Patient Program.
  • The Unit has been collaborating with the Professional Certificate in Family and Couple Therapy since 2007.
  • The Unit runs approximately 245 activities per year for all the Programs that request their services.