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Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is directly responsible for the coordination and supervision of the academic aspects of the educational programs of the Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences. It has the responsibility for the oversight, development, coordination and evaluation of the curriculum of the educational programs.

It is the Office that monitors and reports the compliance of the educational programs with the standards of the corresponding accrediting agencies. It ensures that an appropriate institutional and educational assessment process takes place and it is where faculty development activities are coordinated.

The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs supervises the Library, Audiovisual and Education Technology divisions and the Office of Continuing Medical Education.

The following interdisciplinary courses of the Medicine Program are directly coordinated at the Academic Affairs Office:

  1. Problem Based Learning

  2. Medical Ethics

  3. Fundamental Pathophysiology for Clinical Medicine

  4. Introduction to Clinical Skills

The Office receives applications for the Five Year Program of Medicine, monitors students’ academic performance, offers academic counseling, evaluates, and with the assistance of the Academic Review Committee, makes decisions on Leave of Absence applications.

The Assistant Dean for Education assists the Associate Dean in the aspects of curriculum development and implementation, as well as the evaluation of the effectiveness of the academic programs. This Dean is in charge of the outcome assessment process that assures the quality and continuous improvement of the educational programs. The Assistant Dean monitors the programs’ outcomes and provides timely information to assess their quality identifying opportunities for improvement and development. She advises the Dean for Academic Affairs and curriculum committees on educational issues and assists the faculty to improve their teaching methods and skills.

The Faculty Development Activities Coordinator is in charge of identifying the faculty development needs, the recruitment of resources for educational activities and for the promotion of the activities.

The MD Program Curriculum Coordinator assists the Medicine Curriculum Committees in the systematic review of courses and clerkships and the comprehensive evaluation of the MD Program. It is the person in charge of coordinating the preparation of the schedule of classes for the basic and clinical years of the MD Program. She advises faculty and students on issues of curriculum design, development, evaluation and disseminates information about the resources to improve teaching and learning.

Contact Information
Chairperson: Dr. Georgina Aguirre-Meléndez, MD
Acting Dean for Academic Affairs
Secretaries: Wilda Vélez / Diana Delgado
Telephone: (787) 840-2575 ext 2113/ 2112
Fax: (787)840-9756
Hours:  8:00AM – 4:30PM Monday to Friday

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