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Normalization Of The Spanish Wais III

In agreement with Harcourt Assessment Inc., our program has assumed responsibility of the translation, cultural and linguistic adaptation, and standardization for Hispanic population of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Adults III. The standardization component of the “Escala de Inteligencia Wechsler para Adultos III – PR, was in its final stages by the summer of 2006. The director and Principal Co-Investigator of the project is Dr. José Pons. Dr. Laura Leticia Herrans, Dr. Jenny Rodríguez and Dr. Leida Matías are the Principal Co-Investigators. This research effort has received the support of faculty members and/or students of other graduate programs in the island, especially that of the University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras Campus, and the Universidad Carlos Albizu – San Juan Campus. 

Many of our students have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about test construction methodology through the WAIS III PR project. Under the supervision and guidance of the principal investigators, some of these students have oriented their dissertation research projects on specific components of this normalization process. 

Abuse, felt -Stigma and Adherence in People Living with HIV/AIDS

This research project is directed by Dr. Julio Jiménez (PI) and Dr. Marieva Puig (Co-PI), and is supported by the Puerto Rico Comprehensive Center for the Study of Health Disparities (CCHD-PR) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The Center is a collaborative partnership between the three accredited Medical Schools in PR: School of Medicine of the University of Puerto Rico; School of Medicine of the Caribbean Central University; and Ponce School of Medicine. CCHD-PR general objective is to develop sustainable research groups that will advance the understanding of the psychosocial aspects of VIH/AIDS pandemic. Dr. Jiménez and Dr. Puig lead the behavioral component of PSM’s HIV/AIDS research center directed by Dr. Yamamura.

The Abuse, felt-stigma and Adherence in PLWHA aims to characterize HIV felt-stigma and abuse experiences in PLWHA in PR and their impact in treatment adherence. Pursuing this objective, the investigators have developed culturally and linguistically appropriate instruments to assess HIV-felt stigma and abuse in PLWHA. The obtained information will guide the development of psychotherapeutic interventions to reduce the impact of felt-stigma and a history of abuse in PLWHA, and to increase treatment adherence.

One of CCHD’s main commitments is the development of new investigators. Faculty members and students from the Clinical Psychology program who now work as research assistants in this project, benefit from CCHD young investigators’ training program. Some of these students are being mentored as PIs of their own research projects.

Outreach Efforts Partnership between H.L. Moffitt Cancer Center and Ponce School of Medicine

This is a new research proposal that has been created in response to the National Institute of Health (NIH) interest in creating collaborative research partnerships in the field of Cancer. Final and official notification of award is pending as of August, 2006. This proposal was developed by a group of investigators from the PSM Clinical Psychology Program (Dr. Marieva Puig, Dr. Julio Jiménez, Jean M. Schmidt, and Eida Castro), investigators from PSM Public Health Program, (Dr. Juan Carlos Orengo and Dr. Vivian Green), and investigators from the H.L. Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute. The goal of the proposed project is to create a mutually beneficial partnership among institutions for the study of risk factors and for the development of culturally competent outreach programs (Social Marketing and Cultural Competence) for cancer prevention and control for Puerto Ricans in the island (Ponce Region) and in the US Mainland (Florida). 

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