President Message

We are pleased to welcome our alumni and all other visitors to this specially designed site within the PSM webpage, which site is intended to be the formal connection between Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences (PSMHS) and its alumni. Via this site you will be able to access the PSMHS newsletter and stay current on the varying, often extraordinary, accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff, administration and—of course, alumni. You will also find links to the alumni office, where you can get information on how to communicate with your classmates. And, yes, we are asking you to contribute to the scholarship fund as well as to a series of projects that are aimed at enhancing our (your!) institution. As might be expected, your beneficence will help finance the continuous improving of our academic offerings; but in addition, what we receive will go to deserving students in the form of scholarships, enabling these students to enjoy the high quality education offered by PSMHS. You will also find a link where you can make your contribution to the annual fund and while you’re here, you may want to buy a memento from our online shop.
Our alumni—you—have made significant contributions to the health and wellbeing of our community, as well as to the advancement of science, on both a local and a national level. As a result, PSMHS ranks number nine among all medical schools in the United States based on the fulfillment of its social mission[
1]. Our pride at your many and varied achievements cannot be adequately expressed. What can be expressed is our fervent hope that, while you are setting the world on fire, you will remember your alma mater and make it possible for others to join you in your world-changing exploits.
With all my respect and gratitude,

Olga Rodriguez de Arzola, MD, FAAP
Interim President and Dean


[1] Fitzhugh, M. , Candice, C. , Petterson, S. , Kolsky, G., & Spagnola, M. (2010). The social mission of medical schools: Ranking the schools. Annals of Internal Medicine, 152 (12), 804-812
President of the Board of Trustees Message

Ponce School of Medicine successfully celebrated its 30th Anniversary last year and the Board of Trustees had various opportunities to witness the loyalty and dedication of the alumni with which it shared the enthusiasm usually found in events of this nature. It is certainly encouraging to recognize that so many of our graduates feel it is part of their responsibility to aid in and oversee the strengthening of the academic, research and physical infrastructure of our institution, so that our academic profile, standing, and public image will persevere in these demanding and unique times in the field of health services education.

The Board of Trustees is well aware of the challenging environment in which a school our size and with limited resources must follow through in order to fulfill our mission and purpose. We will certainly welcome whatever economic aid, educational suggestions, and even criticism, which you may feel will be in the best interests of our school. Thank you for keeping in touch.

Arturo Valdejully
President Board of Trustees