The IACUC reviews and inspect, at least once every six months, the institution's program for the humane care and use of animals, and the animal facilities (including the satellite facilities). The committee regularly meets to deal with issues as they arise, such as new protocols or animal concerns. In each case, the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (Guide) is used as the basis for evaluation. The IACUC then prepares evaluations as set forth in the PHS policy and submits semi-annual and annual reports to the PHS and the USDA through the Institutional Official (Dr. Torres). It also reviews any concerns involving the care and use of animals at the institution and provides written recommendations to both the Institutional Official and to any investigators involved.

All investigators intending to use animals must submit a completed Animal Subject Statement Protocol. The IACUC reviews and either approves or disapproves those activities related to the care and use of animals. They may also propose significant changes regarding the use of animals in ongoing activities. Investigators and the institution are informed in writing of any decision to approve or withhold approval of those activities related to the care and use of animals, or of modifications required to secure IACUC approval. Finally, the IACUC is authorized to suspend an activity involving animals.

Investigators are requested to complete an Annual Evaluation of Animal Handling and Welfare Form. This enables the IACUC to assess the ongoing needs of the investigator. A PSM Animal Research Facilities Workshop has provided investigators with seminars on the ethical issues of animal use, overview of the IACUC and a wet-lab. A video of this workshop is available for loan to interested investigators or students.