Chairperson, IACUC

Name: Caroline B. Appleyard, Ph.D
Date: January 01, 2009

Institutional Official

Name: José A. Torres-Ruiz, Ph.D.
Date: January 01, 2009

Membership of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Name of Institution: Ponce School of Medicine

Assurance Number: A3585-01
Date: December 06, 2007

*From January 1, 2007

Chairperson Name, Title and Degree/Credentials
Business Adrress, Phone, Fax and Email of Chairperson
Name: Caroline B. Appleyard Address: Ponce School of Medicine
Pharmacology Department
P.O. Box 7004
Ponce, P.R. 00732
Title: Professor
Degree/Credential: Ph.D.
Phone: 787-840-2575
x. 2153
Fax: 7878-841-1040
Name of
Degree/Credentials Position Title PHS Policy Membership
Kenneth Thompson D.V.M. Staff Veterinarian Veterinarian
Monica Montalvo D.V.M. Municipal Animal Protection Non-affiliated Veterinarian
Lizette Laboy Molinari BS Supervisor Animal Facilities Non-scientific member
María Inés Suárez Pérez BS, MS None Non-affiliated member
James Porter Ph.D. Associate Professor Scientist
* Names of members, other than the chairperson and veterinarian, may be represented by a number or symbol in this submission to OLAW. Sufficient information to determine that all appointees are appropriately qualified must be provided and the identity of each member must be readily ascertainable by the institution and available to authorized OLAW or other PHS representatives upon reques
NOTE: Non-voting members must be so identified.
** - PHS Policy Membership Requirements:
a veterinarian with direct or delegated program responsibility
a practicing scientist experienced in research involving animals

a member whose primary concerns are in a nonscientific area (e.g. ethicist, lawyer, member of the clergy)
Nonaffiliated member


a member who is not affiliated with the institution in any way other than as a member of the IACUC, and who is not a member of the immediate family of a person who is affiliated. This member is expected to represent general community interests in the proper care and use of animals and should not be a laboratory animal user. A consulting attending veterinarian may not be considered nonaffiliated.