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The Department of Biochemistry, as a basic science department at Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences, is devoted to education and research. The education mission seeks to instill in the student the notion that both health and disease has a molecular and biochemical basis. Biochemistry also underlies the scientific approach for chemotherapeutic interventions. The maintenance, improvement, and if necessary, the correction of the biochemical factory that represents the living individual requires an indept knowledge of Biochemistry.

The Department of Biochemistry also promotes energetically high quality research in all aspects of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. In this way, our Department helps increase our body of knowledge regarding the molecules and reactions carry out by the living organisms.

The major goal of the Biochemistry is to provide M.D. and Ph.D. students with a complete understanding at the molecular level of all of the chemical processes associated with living cells. Courses in the Department of Biochemistry aim to guide the student towards an understanding of basic biochemical concepts that deal with life processes.



Contact Information

Chairman José A. Torres-Ruiz, Ph.D.
Secretary Sonia Santiago Núñez, B.S.S.
Location Research Building, 2nd Floor, Room 225
Telephone (787) 840-2575, Ext. 2212
Fax (787) 840-5698
E-mail jtorres@psm.edu / ssantiago@psm.edu
Hour 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday