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Students Evaluation

Students Evaluation

Mid-Term Evaluation

Students will have a preliminary evaluation during the 4 th or 5 th weeks to determine his/her performance at mid-term using the “mid-term evaluation form” (addendum #10).   In case of unsatisfactory performance, student will be referred to the office of Student Affairs and will receive counseling about strategies for improvement.
Final Evaluation
  1. Clerkship clinical performance evaluation (60% of final grade):
  1. Performance of Shelf Examination (20% of the final grade)

    The shelf examination in surgery will be given on Friday at 1:00pm on the 8th week (final week) of the clinical clerkship.   Passing grade for this examination will be determined by the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs. (addendum #8)
  1. Failure and reposition:
    • The student that has a passing grade in the clerkship clinical performance but fails t he shelf exam has to repeat and pass the shelf exam.   Student will be responsible to pay the charge for this repeat exam.   Failure to pass the shelf exam the second time will result in failure in the clinical clerkship in surgery.
    • The student that fails the clerkship clinical performance will fail in the clinical clerkship in surgery.
    • Failure in the clinical clerkship in surgery as described above will result in the repetition of the 8 weeks clinical clerkship and the shelf exam in accordance to Procedure for student Promotions of the Ponce School of Medicine
Honor and Awards

Following the Ponce School of Medicine guidelines, students who obtain a final grade of 90% or above will receive Honors in the Clinical Clerkship in Surgery.

Students who receive honors in the clerkship are eligible to compete for the Award for Excellence in Surgery to be presented by Fundación Raffucci in honor of the distinguished surgeon Francisco R. Raffucci during graduation exercises.

The following criteria will be utilized to select the winner:

  • Final grade in Clerkship Clinical Performance
  • Score in Shelf Exam
  • Average grade in electives in surgery courses during 4 th year
    (minimum - two electives). The following electives qualify for the award:
    • General Surgery
    • Surgical Oncology
    • Surgical Critical Care
    • Trauma
    • Thoracic, Cardiovascular Surgery                                     Pediatric Surgery
    • Plastic Surgery
    • Peripheral Vascular Surgery
    • Research in Surgery
  • Admittance to an accredited surgical residency program


Departmental examinations: (20%)

Several written quizzes will be given during the eight weeks rotation.   (Minimum: 4 quizzes, maximum: 6 quizzes). Each quiz will cover the topics assigned according to the schedule of teaching sessions. A minimum of 150 questions will be asked regardless of the number of quizzes. The quizzes will be discussed during surgery review sessions. This experience provides for the evaluation of clinical knowledge and clinical problem solving. Each correct answer will be equivalent to one tenth (1/10) of a point for a possible maximum total score of 15 points.


Case presentations: (10%)

Each student will present a minimum of two (2) cases during the 8   weeks rotation. A minimum of one case will be presented at scheduled case presentation sessions. The other one may be presented to the proctor as an individual case presentation. A case presentation form (addendum #2) will be used for each case. This form provides for the evaluation of data gathering skills, technical skills, case presentation skills, and clinical problem solving skills. A thorough discussion of the differential diagnosis should be included. Graphs, charts, pictures, and imaging studies should be included in the presentations. A maximum of five (5) points may be given for an outstanding presentation for a total of 10 points. Failure to submit the case presentation form for each case will result in a deficient grade for that particular case. Students with deficient presentations (2 points or lower) will be given the opportunity for make-up with the same proctor. (Only one make-up per student).


Seminar (10%)

Each student will participate in one seminar during the rotation.   The topic will be assigned by the proctor during the first three weeks of the rotation.   The student will present the assigned topic in depth for a period not longer than 20 min., utilizing audio-visual aids, computer assisted instruction, charts, graphs, and imaging studies.   The student will be graded on the basis of content, organization and the presentation itself. (addendum #3).   A maximum of five points (5) may be given for an outstanding presentation.


Observation of technical skills: (5%)

Students will be evaluated in technical skills by direct observation by a proctor or senior resident while performing physical examination on a patient or an S.P. using the “short list” provided. (addendum #7). A maximum of five (5) points may be given for a completed form.

Students who fail to complete the required list will get an “incomplete” in the clinical rotation and will be re-scheduled for observation performing, physical exam by the director of the surgery department or his designee.


Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE): (10%)

This exam will be given during the last week of the rotation utilizing Standardized Patients (SP’s) for evaluation of data gathering skills (history), technical skills (physical exam) and communication skills.   It includes a minimum of three (3) patients and three (3) post encounters sessions.   A maximum of ten (10) points will be given for outstanding performance. (addendum #4)


Patient Log: (10%)

Each student will complete a log of the clinical encounters including operative experience.   Each student is required to participate in the management of a minimum of one (1) case in each of the twenty (20) major groups of surgical conditions specified in the log form.   This experience provides for the evaluation of technical skills, professional attitudes and educational attitudes.   The log form has to be signed in each page by the proctor who acts as attending surgeon in each case.


Observation and evaluation by teaching staff: (15%)
Each student will receive a minimum of three evaluations by members of the teaching staff utilizing the student evaluation form of Clerkship Clinical Performance (addendum #8). This form provides for the evaluation of knowledge, skills and attitudes. The first evaluation will be completed at the end of the fourth week and will be discussed with the student at the mid-term evaluation. The other two evaluations will be completed at the end of the rotation. Each evaluation will be given a maximum of five (5) points for a possible maximum of (fifteen) points (15) for outstanding clinical performance.


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