Vanessa Rivera Amill

Assistant Professor

Department of Microbiology


Research Info

Research Interest
  • Drugs of abuse in HIV/AIDS disease progression. In this study we want to examine whether morphine exacerbates SIV/SHIV infection in the macaque model and contributes to the early onset of the disease. We also hypothesize that morphine potentiates viral evolution.

  • Depression and HIV/AIDS disease progression. In this study we wnat to determine how depression affects HIV antiretroviral therapy adherence and other aspects of HIV-positive patients such as psychosocial and immune system functions, with a specific focus on the overall mental and physical health of Puerto Ricans diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. In addition, part of the study focuses on the role of the behavioral health care intervention in the modulation of psychosocial adaptation, coping strategies, treatment adherence, antioxidant/oxidant balance as well as immune system functions including inflammatory profiles.