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The Molecular and Genomics Core (MAGIC) at the Ponce School of Medicine (PSM) was created in 1995 to provide infrastructure and technical support in molecular biology techniques for basic and clinical research projects. Supported by the NIH-RCMI Program, this facility provides the research community at PSM with a core laboratory that offers access to highly sophisticated equipment and technical support. The main objective of the MAGIC is to help stimulate a productive research environment by providing intellectual and technical support and a state-of-the-art infrastructure. The availability of such resources is fundamental to the development of new projects and to the recruitment of new faculty, as well as to facilitate the continued productivity of our scientists.

Our aims are:

  • Expand access to equipment and facilities, and thus continue to increase the application of molecular biology, genetics, and gene expression tools by investigators at PSMHS.
  • Provide technical support and consultation.
  • To train faculty, staff, and students in molecular research tools and techniques available in MAGIC.
  • Actively promote the development of new projects and collaborations in areas such as molecular biology, gene expression, protein expression, development of model systems, and human genetics.
MAGIC requires acknowledgements of its contribution towards your research as evidence of use and in order to keep our support. Therefore, if our lab been a key component to the conclusion of your investigation, please include the following phrase in the acknowledgements sections in your published articles, posters & presentations.

We acknowledge the support of the Molecular and Genomics Core (NIMHD Grant MD007579)".