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The Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) is a student development program for minority-serving institutions granted by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (R25GM082406). Its main purpose is to increase the number of students from groups underrepresented in the biomedical/behavioral sciences that complete PhD degrees, advance to competitive postdoctoral positions, and enter productive research careers.

The RISE Program at Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences has specific measurable objectives that aim to provide trainees with continuing and enhanced:

1. Hands-on professional development and research skills training
2. Communication skills training
3. Team building/networking opportunities



Left to right: Dr. James Porter (Associate Program Director), Dr. Caroline Appleyard (Program Director), Mariano Colon-Caraballo, Siomara Hernandez-Rivera, Marangelie Criado-Marrero, Raymond Isidro-Vega, Hector Diaz-Zabala, Raisa Loucil-Alicea, Angel Nuņez-Marrero, Omar Soler-Cedeņo, Neysha Martinez-Orengo, Wendy Pacheco-Rodriguez (Program Coordinator), Dr. Vanessa Rivera-Amill (Course Director). Not pictured: Samary Amaro-Garcia