W e l c o m e


Welcome to the Southern Science Symposium: Cell Biology and Careers!

We are every excited to be hosting this meeting, a first of its kind, thanks in great part to the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB). This meeting will provide undergraduate and graduate science students from Ponce and nearby universities, as well as science department directors, faculty, and the local community, a unique opportunity to learn aspects of cell biology and hear about the research that is conducted in this region. It will also provide an excellent forum for students to share their research and to strengthen networking and collaborative efforts across local colleges.

In an effort to promote and inspire future careers in science, attendees will also learn about the role of biomedical scientists and the importance of their investigations. Graduate schools from Puerto Rico will also be on-site providing information about their programs and how to better prepare for the graduate school admission process. Our varied agenda will include 1 distinguished scientific speaker, scientific sessions, 1 distinguished career speaker, a scientific career forum and a poster session.

We highly encourage the local scientific community, particularly students, to register for this meeting (at no cost) and consider submitting an abstract by November 2, 2012. Awards will be given to the top three posters.

We would like to thank ASCB, VWR, Eppendorf and AVP Caribe for their contribution to make this event possible, as well as to Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences Office of Graduate Studies, Academic Affairs, Information Technology department, the Graduate Student Association in Biomedical Sciences, the RCMI Program and the MBRS-RISE Program for their support.

See you soon!

Organizing Committee