Master Program in Public Health

Program Mission

The mission of the Public Health Program at PSMHS is to provide educational, research and population-based health services of the highest quality. Our dynamic curriculum takes an innovative approach to preparing ethical and competent public health practitioners and researchers who will excel in promoting and protecting health in the local and global communities.

Classes in Public Health are offered in the evenings from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Mondays to Thursdays) by trimester.

Cost per credit is USD$227.00 for PR residents and USD$285.00 for non-PR residents. Other annual fees apply.

Registration, orientation period and commencement of classes take place during second half of July.

Program Description

The MPH Program is established in response to the needs of our society. It provides a multidisciplinary program through education, research and community service to develop the skills of a public health professional necessary for the protection of health and prevention of disease of the individuals and communities. Students will be well prepared to improve the challenges of our health care such as improving the access of people suffering contagious diseases and work to reduce environmental hazards such as violence, drug use and abuse, accidents, etc.

PSMHS will consider candidates for the MPH Program from different walks of life such as school teachers, news reporters, researchers, lawyers, physicians, health professionals, and others.

The Public Health Professionals will be able to work for the government, for private institutions, and/or for local or international companies which provide services to the community. These professionals face the challenge of protecting the public health of the present population and of future generations.

To accomplish this, PSMHS has developed a 55-credits curriculum that will expose students to the basic concepts in public health, research and fieldwork experiences. Three tracks are offered: Epidemiology, Environmental and General, with the MPH first year being common to all tracks.

  • Epidemiology - The study of the relationships between the various factors that determine the frequency and distribution of diseases in human (and other animal population), the risks to contract them, the human susceptibility and how to prevent new incidences.

  • Environmental - Relates to the air we breathe, water we drink, and other complex environmental factors. These risks may cause sicknesses such as asthma, cancer, food poisoning, etc. It studies the impact the environment has on our health.

  • General Public Health - Is the science that studies how to protect and improve the health in communities through education and by promoting healthy life styles. It is in charge of developing public policies, educational programs and services as to avoid those public threats.

The two-year 55 credit program is offered in trimesters with the following credit requirements:


  General Epidemiology Environmental Health
Required 40 45 45
Selective 5-6 2-3 2-3
Elective 5-8 3-6 3-6
Practicum 2 2 2
Culminating Experience 0-2 0-2 0-2

Classes in Public Health are offered in the evenings starting at 5:00 pm (Mondays to Thursdays)
Puerto Rico residents: USD$236.00, non-Puerto Rico residents: USD$296.00. Other annual fees apply.

Registration, orientation period and commencement of classes take place during second half of July.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelorís degree from a college level institution accredited by the PR Council of Education or by a US Department of Education
     recognized accrediting organization including the following courses:



    General Sciences


    Social Sciences


    Behavioral Sciences


    College Mathematics



  • Minimum GPA of 2.50, however our classes average is 3.2 (on a four-point scale)

  • EXADEP, GRE or MCAT examinations (no more than five years old)

  • Submit the following documents:

    • Official transcript from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended.

    • Official GRE, EXADEP or MCAT scores (if the candidate does not hold a health professional degree).

    • Three letters of recommendation written by professors or individuals familiar with the applicantís professional work and skills using the format provided with the application form.

    • Certificate of No Penal Record

    • Application processing fee of USD$50.00 (non-refundable)

Selection Criteria

The Admissions Committee selects the best candidates. The Committee looks for accepting students of integrity and maturity that show concern for others and leadership potential. In evaluating the applicants, emphasis is placed upon the following:

  • Potential to work with individuals, analytical skills and understanding of ethical standards of the profession.

  • Past experience in research projects or potential for the development of research skills.

  • Academic achievement (GRE, EXADEP, MCAT scores)

  • Motivation and emotional stability

  • Letters of recommendation (see previous description)

  • Interview

Upon acceptance, all students are required to submit the following:

  • Written confirmation of acceptance and a non-refundable deposit of USD$100.00 to secure the seat in the entering class.

  • Physical Exam (using a form provided by the Admissions Office)

  • Health Certificate from the Department of Health of PR

  • Evidence of up to date immunization record (must include Varicella, Td Adult, MMR and three doses of Hepatitis B).

  • Policy on Technical Standards

  • Other documents will be notified as pertinent.

How to Apply

Deadline to submit a complete application is May 30.

The Application for Admission to the Master in Public Health Program can also be obtained personally at the Admissions Office.