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Private Loans

Federal School Code (FAFSA): G24824
School Code for Loans : 024824

There are several alternative loans programs for the health professional students. These are credit-based loans that may be used to supplement other types of financial assistance. The loan amounts vary from $10,000 to $20,000. The interest rate is variable, accrued while in school and usually based on the current “Prime Rate” plus a lender’s predetermined interest rate. Repayment may be up to 20 years. Alternative Loans sometimes provide funds to complete the remaining need after the student is awarded other financial aid. Due to the high interest rate that these loans represent, the student should seek these loans as a last resource to their financial need.

Each student can obtain this loan from their desired lender. For the student convenience we have identified those lenders that provide best terms and that provide better service to students,

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