S t u d e n t   R e f e r r a l   F o r m

Our Professional Counselors are available to help faculty and staff in supporting students through our Counseling Services. We can help students with issues including: inconsistent behavior, academic difficulties, substance abuse issues, family problems, anxiety, depression, crisis or any other situations.

If you have attempted to speak with the student in question and feel you are in need of additional assistance, please feel free to complete the
STUDENT REFERRAL FORM. All referrals and subsequent actions will be handled in confidential and in accordance with FERPA or HIPAA regulations.

Need assistance?
If you need assistance to handle a situation you can contact our Professional Counselors:
  •  Josť A. Soto-Franceschini, PhD, M.Ed. CPL
    787-840-2575 ext. 2252


  • Jonaira Arroyo, M.Ed. CPL
    787-840-2575 ext. 2174