Academic Advising Service

PSMHS Academic Advising Services (PSMHS-AAS) is design to provide the MD students with an effective system of academic advising that allow them to adapt to a highly demanding medical education program, enhance their academic performance, and ensure students’ progress toward graduation. This system integrates the efforts of counselors, faculty members, department chairs, course directors, student’s mentors and student’s affairs officers with its counseling services and resources.

The objectives of the PSMHS-AAS are the following:

  1. Observe student performance and provide adequate guidance toward academic and personal success.

  2. Facilitate student’s knowledge and understanding of academic policies, rules and regulations.

  3. Identify resources and implements strategies for individual student academic success.

  4. Execute educational plans consistent with the students’ needs, interest and goals.

  5. Achieve scholastic standards and activities in the field of interest.

The major elements of this system are:

  1. Professional Counseling Services

  2. Faculty Advising

  3. Academic Units Support

  4. Peer mentoring

  5. Tutoring

  6. Psychological / Psychiatric Services

In order to fulfill its goals and objectives, the Academic Advising System, include preventive and intervention phases. Each of the phases includes a variety of services based on student’s needs.

Need more information?

If you have questions about this service you can set an appointment with our Professional Counselor at  or by calling 787-840-2575 ext. 2174.