Careers in Medicine

Careers in Medicine (CiM) is a career planning program designed to help you choose a medical specialty and select and apply to a residency program. This four-phase process will guide you through the elements of career planning:

  • Self-understanding

  • Exploring options

  • Choosing a specialty

  • Getting into Residency

CiM is used as part of our Career Counseling Service during the four years of the MD Program. We think that the most effective approach includes a combined effort led by the school’s Counselor, Dean of Students Affairs, the Faculty Advisor and the student himself.

CiM access to the Web site is restricted to registered users. Each user, including faculty and staff, will be provided with a unique access code that will allow them to register. If you don’t get access to CiM, your Professional Counselor will generate a one-time, single user access code so you can register and use the site. After the initial registration, you will create a user name/password and will no longer need the access code.

Use this link to login CiM : Careers In Medicine

The following timeline provides a general outline of the phases in the program and the career planning activities as presented to students.

Careers in Medicine Student Timeline

Need more information?

If you have questions about CiM, you can set an appointment with our Professional Counselor at or by calling 787-840-2575 ext. 2252.