Faculty Advising Services
The Institution has identified and trained a group of faculty members to offer academic advising to students. Currently, we have more than 40 faculty advisors. With this service, each student is assigned a faculty advisor at the beginning of their first year in medical studies. The faculty advisors shall identified the studentís strengths as well as any challenge or academic issue that can affect the studentís academic performance. They are also available to provide career counseling.

The FAS is supported by the Guidance Counselor Office. A Faculty Advisor (FA) may be staff from academic affairs, basic or clinical science, or they may be preceptors or alumni. Having a good mix of faculty and other staff can be very useful in providing students a broad range of perspectives on medical school and specialty selection.

Faculty Advisor Responsibilities:

  • Schedule, at least, one appointment with the advisee each semester.
  • Provide information to the student regarding institutional policies, rules and academic requirements, and help in interpretation of the policies.
  • Monitor the studentís academic progress and refer to appropriate support services when needed.
  • Assist in the identification and development of the scholarly activities based on individual abilities and interest.
  • Monitor the student educational plans and assist with the appropriate selection of strategies and activities.
  • Arrange for walk-in encounters when the student requests it. Do not participate in the evaluation and or promotion decision of any students assigned to him/her as an advisor.
  • Report encounter with the student to the Students Affairs Deanship annually.
  • Attend faculty development activities on academic advising required by the Institution.

Students Responsibilities:

  • Know the institution rules, requirement and policies.
  • Request help when is in academic risk or has academic difficulties.
  • Maintain academic activities and outcomes log based on the yearly requirements for academic success.
  • Meet deadlines, appointments and meeting schedule with his faculty advisor.
  • Schedule, at least, one appointment with the faculty advisor each semester.
  • Maintain constant communication with his/her Faculty Advisor.
  • Attend the meetings with his counselor.
  • Complete the PSMHS-AAS satisfaction questionnaire at least yearly.
  • Notify the Deanship for Students Affairs if the advisor has a role in any promotion or assessment process related to the student

The advisors may use different strategies to communicate with their students such as individual meetings, small groups meetings, e-mails, letters, phone calls, social media, or others, always ensuring confidentiality in the student-advisor relationship.
The student can request a change in advisor to one that would fit his/her academic needs or professional interest. The student can request a change of advisor by e-mail to

Need more information?

If you have questions about this service you can set an appointment with our Professional Counselor at
jarroyo@psm.edu  or by calling 787-840-2575 ext. 2174.