Tutoring Services

The Academic Advising System, also known as the Academic Advising Services of PSMHS is a student centered system that integrates the efforts of faculty members, department chairs, course directors, student’s affairs officers and students. In order to fulfill its goals and objectives, the Academic Advising System includes preventive and intervention phases. The tutoring service is an important part of the preventive phase in the system. The aim of the service is clarify academic uncertainties and support the student knowledge in a variety of courses.

With this service, group tutorials that offer a review of the topics covered in different MD courses are coordinate, according to the student’s needs. Those group tutorials are available to any student and recommended for any student with academic difficulty in the corresponding course. Students with sub-optimal performance can request or may be offered tutorial services.

The tutoring service is coordinated through the counselor or the assistant dean for student’s affairs. The Student Affairs Office has a list of MD students in different levels of training that have the adequate preparation or experience to tutor in a variety of courses.

Need more information?

If you have questions about this service you can set an appointment with our Professional Counselor at
jarroyo@psm.edu  or by calling 787-840-2575 ext. 2174.