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The student's academic record is an official document and copies are made upon the request of the student.

  1. Students who need official transcripts of their records for personal or official use, must fill a transcript request form at the Registrar's Office and must pay $5.00 for each copy at the Finance Office. The Registrar's Office requires seven working days for processing the transcript request.

  2. Official transcripts must bear the School Seal and will be sent directly to the institution requested by the student.

  3. Transcripts requested for personal use of the student will be handed to the student personally; if the student authorizes another person to receive the transcripts, a written authorization is needed and the person must have identification. Transcripts handed to the student must be labeled "Student Copy" and will not be used as official.

  4. Student undergraduate transcripts are confidential records kept for exclusive use of PSM Registrar's Office and will not be given to the applicant or third person under any circumstances.

  5. No transcripts or certifications will be honored if the student has outstanding debts.

  6. No transcripts will be sent through fax.

Download Transcript Request Instructions
Download and fill out Transcript Request Form and send it by email at:

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