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A variety of resources and services are available to assist the students. These are as follows:

Additional Services


Orientation Period

The Orientation Period occurs prior to the start of the first year of studies.  Its purpose is to acquaint the students with classmates, upperclassmen, and members of the administration, faculty, and staff. The main objective is to incorporate events that served as integral part of education. Workshops on how to improve study habits, develop better attitudes toward studying, and to deal with stressful situations are conducted.  Attendance to this orientation is compulsory.

Counseling Services

Academic and personal counseling is available.  We encourage students to seek assistance every time that academic difficulties, family conflicts, personal or other problems arise that affect their well-being. The student will be interviewed by the Associate or the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs who will refer the student for further services as necessary. All such counseling will be kept confidential. Professional counseling, psychology, and psychiatric services are part of OSA resources.

Academic Resources

Information about awards, prizes, scholarships, tutorials, and summer programs are available in OSA.


Career Counseling

Career counseling is available for a better understanding of internships, scholarships, fellowships, the National Residency Matching Program, Medical Licensure Exams and Electronic Residency  Application System.


Health Insurance

Each student is required by the School to carry comprehensive medical care insurance.  Individuals who choose to be covered by a plan other than the School's Health Insurance Plan, must present proof of coverage at the time of registration.

For a more complete description of healthcare services available, the student is advised to consult the Medical Plan Brochure.

Disability Insurance

All Ponce School of Medicine students will be required to have a disability insurance due to the fact of risk during health fairs, volunteer jobs, summer programs, researches, clinical experiences, medical rotations, and clinical clerkships.  The student who has his/her own disability insurance must present evidence during registration.  In case of not having evidence of a policy or does not have insurance, he/she must submit the application through the school’s arrangement.


Student Lounge & Cafeteria

The Student Lounge is an area for relaxation and entertainment studying.  The use of this facility for extracurricular activities requires approval from OSA.  The orderliness and daily supervision of activities in the Student Center is a responsibility of the student body and the Student Council. A microwave oven and refrigerator are at the student disposal in the student lounge.

The School Cafeteria and vending machines with refreshments, coffee and snacks are available.  Also, numerous food establishments are available within walking distance.


Ponce School of Medicine (PSM) has no housing facilities.  Our students usually seek board in private homes or rent apartments.  The OSA has a listing of some available housing across Ponce Area.  

Before moving into a room or apartment, make sure it is well-ventilated, safe, clean and conducive to effective studying.  Before signing the contract, be sure that you have complete information about what is offered, cost, location and how payments are to be made.

Ponce School of Medicine only provides the list of available housing  to facilitate a service to its students and does not provide any guarantee nor assumes any liability for housing conditions or for any other aspect of the available housing contained in the listing.

Lockers on Campus

Lockers are available for student use during their Basic Science years on a first come-first served basis.  Users are responsible to comply with institutional policies in order to use PSM Lockers.


E-mail Account

E-mail account will be provided to each student during her/his orientation period.  Users are responsible to comply with institutional policy.

E-mail will be considered an official means of communication at Ponce School of Medicine.  Students are expected to read their email at least twice at week while is an active student in PSM. Students will be considered responsible for all information posted through the email system while on or off site.

Medical Career Specialty Program

The Office of Student Affairs provides to medical students counseling and orientation in a decision making process to choose career specialty. 

The main objectives of the program are:

  • identify personal and career goals.
  • evaluating career interests.          

The program does not offer answers, but leads the student through a series of exercises that help evaluate and weight options in order to help in the process of making informed career decisions.

The program can help in selecting clerkships, fourth-year electives, residencies, and ultimately, the medical specialty and practice environment appropriate for the individual.


Peer Tutorship Program

PSM provide tutoring to any student with difficulty in any course. This student could be referred or requested this service.  Students in academic good standing and with high grades will serve as tutors. The professors will certify these students. This service can be requested through the Office of Student Affairs.


Extracurricular Activities

Students may organize extracurricular activities.  However, written permission from the Dean for Student Affairs must be obtained prior to the activity.  The Dean for Student Affairs will ascertain the good academic progress of the students involved, and Administration will informed to check the accessibility of the use of School Facilities.

Many extracurricular activities has been performed, such as Residency Fair, Family Orientation, White Coat Ceremony, Beautification Day, “Expo-Salud”, Christmas lighting, Certificate Ceremony, Graduation Ceremony, ect.

Students Organizations

Any student organization at PSM must registers and receives approve by the Student Affairs Office before starting its operation or activities. New organizations or groups may register at any time of the academic year as far as they present and comply with the institutional policies and procedures. The information must be updated on a yearly basis.

Encouragement to participate in the organizations to meet individual and group needs, and interests are tempered by the need of the student to be in good academic standing.


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