Community-based Preceptors

Community-based preceptors offer students a view of family practice as it is in the community. These physicians usually see all members of the family and deal not only with each member's problems but also with the family as a whole. Students will also learn about diseases as they present in the ambulatory setting and will often follow-up in the hospital if the patient needs inpatient care.

The following is a list of community preceptors participating in the teaching of students at their practices in the community:

AXTMAYER, ROBERTO, MD ABFP; Calle Rodríguez Serra #11,Sabana Grande, PR;
BLANCO, MALYNIE, MD, ABFP; Family Practice Residency Program, Dr. Pila Hospital, Ponce , PR;
CARCACHE, ELIZABETH, MD; Calle Rodríguez Serra #11, Sabana Grande, PR;
CRUZ, ELIZA, MD; Hospital Castañer, Adjuntas, PR
FERNANDEZ, MADELINE, MD, Edificio Porrata Pila, Suite 311, Ponce, PR;
GONZALEZ, RAFAEL, MD; Centro de Diagnostico de la Playa, Ponce, PR
MALDONADO, FRANCISCO, MD,  Clinica de Veteranos, Mayaguez, PR;
MARIN, RADAMES, MD; Calle Comercio #65, Ponce, PR
MATA, LAURA, MD; Clínica Bella Vista, Carretera #2, Mayaguez, PR
MATOS, DIXON, MD; Clínica Veteranos, Mayaguez, PR
MUÑOZ, ELIAZIN, MD; Clínica Bella Vista, Carretera #2, Mayaguez, PR
NIEVES, FRANCISCO, MD, Tallaboa Encarnación, Sector Pueblito, Peñuelas;
RIVERA, HECTOR, MD; Hospital Castañer, Policlínica Castañer, Adjuntas, PR

Since new community preceptors are continually being incorporated into the program, more specific information about the preceptors used in the Core Clerkship in Family and Community Medicine may be obtained from Marylin Zayas. You may contact her at (787) 840-2575, ext-268.

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