Olga I. Santiago, PhD

Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
2008 PhD, Animal Health Technology, Ponce School of Medicine
1985 Biomedical Sciences Bachelor , UPR –RCM
1983 Associate in Biology, UPR-Ponce
Current Research, Teaching and Professional Appointments 07/99 - 12/05 Instructor, Physiology Dept Ponce School of Medicine
07/89 – 06/99 Technician, Animal Care, Ponce School of Medicine
10/85 - 06/89 Technician, Physiology Lab, Ponce School of Medicine
Awards Academic and Professional Honors
Travel Award for Professional Skills Workshop 2006-APS
Travel Award for Experimental Biology 2006-APSNIDDK
Secretary of GSA (Graduate Student Association) 2005-present
Travel Award for Experimental Biology 2005-FASEB
Travel Award for Experimental Biology 2005-IUPS
Member of AAS (American Anatomy Society) 2005
Travel Award for Experimental Biology 2004-FASEB
Member of APS (American Physiology Society) 2004-present
Member of GSA (Graduate Student Association) 2002-present
AALAS Certificate as Animal Technician 1993
Member of Premed Circle (1981-1983)
Recent Publications 2005 Rojas-Cartagena C, Appleyard CB, Santiago OI, Flores I. (2005) Experimental Intestinal Endometriosis is characterized by increased levels of soluble TNFRSF 1B and downregulation of Tnfsf1a and Tnfrsf1b gene expression. Biol Reprod. Dec;73(6):1211-8. Epub 2005 Aug 10.
1994 Mass HJ, Santoni F, Santiago O, Feliciano L, Albino D, De Leon N, and Sifonte M. (1994) Parenteral magnesium sulfate restores regional contractile function in the post-ischemic canine myocardium. Magnesium Res. 7:265-276.
1992 Mass HJ, Ali I, Velez W, and Santiago O. (1992) Hemodynamics of Heartworm Infection. Ann. NY Acad Sci. 653:206-210.
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