Updates on accreditation process CEPH

June 27, 2013

Welcome to our CEPH update:

  • 2011-2012: Updates to program, intense analysis of the program & “self-     study” write were done.

  • Jan 4th 2013: The Self-Study has been sent to the CEPH!!

  • Feb 4-5 2013: CEPH team conducted site visit at PSMHS

  • March  2013:PSMHS Public Health Program received site report

  • May 2013: Comments, corrections and updates were sent to CEPH

  • June 6-8: CEPH board meeting reviews the PSMHS PHP application for accreditation.

  • June 11th: PSMHS received letter of accreditation!

The PSMHS public health program has worked hard for the last two years to seek accreditation from the Council on Education for Public health, the CEPH. This body reviews schools and programs on the quality of the activities in academia, research and service. (See http://ceph.org). We know we are offering students a great education in public health but now we’ve demonstrated that - accreditation by CEPH is an objective standard of public health program quality.

We’ve been updating our curriculum and many other processes. We’ve also spent the last many months summarizing almost every aspect of our program for the CEPH review in our “self-study” (see pdf posted). The self-study talks about the changes we’ve made in the last few years, our students, faculty, our curriculum, research, service and how we are trying to measure ourselves on specific indicators in all of these areas. We’ve also posted the Feb 5th powerpoint status summary, post CEPH site visit, the CEPH site visit’s report to us and our response and explanation back. The final document is the CEPH board’s final assessment of the PSMHS’ public health program.

We are now accredited but still have work to do. Next spring, the CEPH wants a letter that shows we have maintained the improvements already made, the planned improvements have been successfully implemented and weaknesses identified are addressed. We are confident that we will be able to more than reassure them that we are continuing the advances the accreditation process began. We will continue to need your comments to be the best that we can be, so please contact us with any ideas or problems.
Thank you so much for being interested in PSMHS’ public health program and partnering with us in this monumental and successful endeavor.

E Anne Peterson, MD, MPH
PSMHS Public Health Program Director


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