Lisa Norman, PhD




Dr. Lisa Norman is currently pursuing a second Doctorate in Public Health at Walden University in Baltimore. She earned her Ph.D. from Emory University in 2000 and received a Master of Arts in Behavioral Science in 1989. Dr. Norman is a member of The National Hispanic Medical Association, the American Sociological Association, the American Public Health Association, the International Harm Reduction Association and the International AIDS Society.

Dr. Norman hopes that eventually universal HIV testing will be implemented so that people can be helped on an international basis. She feels that she is a hard worker who is dedicated to this worthy cause of obtaining grants so that continual research is implemented. She hopes that her five-year grant, which began in 2009, will continue to grow, and feels that the grants and research that she has been working on has only been the beginning of the work she hopes to do to help others.


Lisa Norman CV

  • Courses that could teach:

    MPH: Public Health English, Statistical Methods in Epidemiology, Health Disparities, Survey Design, Inferential Biostatistics, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Program Planning and Evaluation in Public Health, Behavioral Aspects of Health Disorders

    DrPH: Epi - Research Methods, Survey Questionnaire Design in Public Health; Epidemiology -Test Construction-, Biostatistics for Epidemiology, Epidemiology Data Analysis, Grant Writing in Epidemiology, Sampling, Meta - análisis, Writing Papers in Public Health, Social Epidemiology

Research Interest
  • HIV prevention and drug-related research
  • “Social epidemiology of HIV risk among women who living in Public housing in PR”
  • “HIV/STI testing among residents of public housing in PR”