Vivian Green, LND,  MSc, PhD
DrPH Program Coordinator




Associated Professor, Public Health Program, Ponce School of Medicine Health Sciences. Coordinator of the Doctorate in Epidemiology, Public Health Program. Dr. Green earned her Ph.D. in Public Health degree from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, and her MSc in Nutrition and Public Health from the University of Puerto Rico. She made two fellowships one in Social Marketing from the University of South Florida/ CDC and the other in Nutritional Intervention in Neonatal Pediatric Patients from the University of Puerto Rico, School of Medicine.

From 2000 to 2004, Dr. Green was Assistant in Nutrition for the Puerto Rico Secretary of Health. She develops and implanted the first social marketing campaign to promote changes in lifestyles, called Puerto Rico Health Department Recommends. Advise in health risk assessment in special communities and community health.

Dr. Green was the clinical nutrition research in the Gamma Project Pediatric ACTU, United States National Project and University of Puerto Rico. At present she is the vice- chairman of the nutrition research group, founder of the Puerto Rican Association for the study of nutrition and obesity and editor board of the Puerto Rican Medicine and Public Health Journal. Her research addresses nutrition, epidemic history and forensic epidemiology.

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Course Code

Course Title

Course Description

MPH 7064

Food Safety

Students will be introduced to the essentials of food safety and sanitation. Major concepts include: food safety and sanitation management, Chemical and biological agents implicated in food borne disease, hazards to food safety, factors that affect food-borne illness, following the food flow, the hazards analysis critical control point system, a safety assurance process, sanitizing operations, environmental sanitation and maintenance, accident prevention, education training, and food safety regulations.

MPH 7063

Nutritional Epidemiology

This course is designed for students conducting epidemiological studies relating diet and nutritional status to disease and health. The purpose of this course is to examine methodologies used in nutritional epidemiological studies and to review the current state of knowledge regarding diet and other nutritional indicators as etiologic factors in disease.

MPH 7711

Public Health Nutrition

During this course the students will cover the principles of public health nutrition by describing methods used in the assessment of nutrition problems, the development of nutrition-related policies, programs for improving the nutritional and health status of diverse population groups. It emphasizes the distinction between populations based and individual based approaches to prevention of diet related conditions, as well as the societal, economic, environmental, and institutional determinants of food intake and nutritional status.

Courses that could teach:

MPH: Disaster Epidemiology, Public Health Case Studies in PH, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Aging In Public Health, Forensic Epidemiology, Bioterrorism and Public Health.

DrPH - Epidemiology of Diseases of Major Public Health Importance, Mental Health Epidemiology, Cardiovascular Epidemiology


Research Interest
  • Nutrition
  • Epidemic History
  • Forensic Epidemiology Methods

Research Activities

  • Dietary patterns in the pediatric population of Puerto Rico
  • Growth Charts (by the method of cross-sectional study design)
  • Overweight and obesity in children aged 6-8 years and their relationship with the obesity in < 2 years (case-control study)
  • Hypertension Charts for the pediatric population of Puerto Rico
  • Development of dietary guidelines for infants in Puerto Rico.