O U R   L O G O

A tree illustrating a Ceiba represents our logo. In Ponce, the legendary Ceiba tree is found to be over 500 years. According to the old tale, on the outskirts of town the first Spanish families that populated the region were found to be resting peacefully under the Ceiba tree.

The Ceiba embodies strength, health, and time, and has many other meanings. The Ceiba is used to distinguish public health; (for example, it is used by government agencies like the Department of Health of Puerto Rico, and it is also found in the Holy Scriptures) by exhibiting the trunk and base as a reference to the Prevention and the extensive branches denoting all areas of health that work together.

The colors are varied as they represent the 5 continents: Europe (White), Africa (Green), the Ocean (Blue), Asia (Yellow) and America (Red). This representation of colors can also be observed in the interlocking rings of the Olympics. The circular shape of the logo represents the world and the cycle of life as the universal joint.

The wave form of the letters symbolizes motion representing an active form of public health in all communities and all populations not only of Puerto Rico, but also for the world.

RRC-DrPH student