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Behavioral Neuroscience Core is now transitioning to this new name under the new application as Behavioral Research And Integrated Neuroscience (B.R.A.I.N).

The goals of this core are to enhance the neuroscience-related projects currently being undertaken by PSM investigators and to stimulate further neuroscience research through enhanced scientific interactions between basic scientists at PSM. In addition, this neuroscience core facility will also serve as a tool for attracting strong new recruits.

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of neuroscience research, this core will enhance a variety of ongoing research projects at the Ponce School of Medicine. For example, two projects examining how mental stress can exacerbate inflammatory bowel disease and endometriosis will benefit from the core. In addition, a project designed to examine the neuronal effects of HIV-induced proteins will be extended to examine the behavioral effects of these proteins in the facilities provided by the core. Aim 1 is to establish a central core facility with the equipment necessary to analyze the effects of different treatments on animal behavior. This laboratory will facilitate the behavioral-testing needs of five currently funded projects, including projects from three former RCMI PIs and one current RCMI PI at the Ponce School of Medicine. In fulfilling Aim 2, we will provide technical support and consultation in basic behavioral experiment design and data analysis. The focus of Aim 3 is to encourage the development of new projects and collaborations between PSM investigators with the goal of translating basic research to more clinical applications through seminars and workshops.