As stated in the crime awareness and campus security act (Jeanne Clery Disclosure Security Policy) you are able to request a copy of PHSU’s security and safety report. If yo have any questions about this report feel free to contact Miriam Perez, Safety officer.

Below is a list of key contact information for campus safety.

Emergency Phones
(Often used phones)
Main Security number
(an emergency at PHSU)
ACCA 787-843-3037
Medical emergencies (Ambulances) 787-843-2250; 787-840-5353;
787-343-2550; 787-843-2485;
787-843-2065; 787-843-2280
Puerto Rico Power Authority (AEE) 787-812-8554; 787-812-8540;
Fire Department 787-343-2230; 787-842-2202;
Poisoning Central Control 787-726-5674
American Red Cross 787-758-8150 (information/disaster)
1-866-220-7859 (emergency on holidays/weekends)
787-759-7979 (blood bank)
787-725-5354; 787-725-0121 (military service)
Emergencies 9-1-1
Hospitals Hospital Damas 787-840-8686; 787-840-8655
Dr. Pila Hospital 787-848-5600; 787-848-6933
Hospital Episcopal San Lucas 787-840-4545
Hospital San Cristobal 787-848-2100
“Obras Publicas” 787-844-7090; 787-844-0109
State Police 787-284-4040; 787-343-2020;
787-842-2020; 787-842-0080; |
787-841-7058; 787-848-7090
Municipal Police
Office of the commissioner of Safety
787-848-7090; 787-848-7056;
787-848-7080; 787-848-70955
Confidential calls (Directs): 787-812-7020
Animal Protection
(Protection and control)


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