The Office of Student Affairs provides guidance and support services to all PHSU students in non-academic areas. The core mission of the Office of Student Affairs is to help all students explore and develop their professional skill sets. This is accomplished by enabling students to freely access the services and support mechanisms they need to achieve their professional goals and enhance their personal growth throughout their studies at PHSU. Academic advice and referrals, individual advancement program advisement, mid-term and end-term progress assessments, and monitoring student progress through the curriculum are just a few of the services we offer. 

All students who have cognitive or non-cognitive concerns are provided with a wide range of support services, and the Vice President for Student Affairs serves as the advocate for students both on and off-campus. 

The Office of Students Affairs with the help of the Office of Professional Counseling also oversees the 30 plus student organizations and campus activities, as well as implements student life initiatives.

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