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Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU)

es una universidad de ciencias de la salud totalmente acreditada ubicada en Ponce, Puerto Rico. Nos dedicamos a brindar programas educativos de posgrado y pregrado de la más alta calidad, que incluyen; medicina, psicología clínica, ciencias biomédicas, salud pública y enfermería. Preparamos a nuestros estudiantes mediante la entrega de un plan de estudios culturalmente competente de clase mundial que les brinda las herramientas para atender a poblaciones de pacientes diversas y en crecimiento en los Estados Unidos. El campus principal de PHSU está ubicado en Ponce, Puerto Rico, con un segundo campus en St. Louis, Missouri, y un centro de aprendizaje en San Juan, Puerto Rico. PHSU es reconocida mundialmente por su calidad educativa, servicio a la comunidad y logros de investigación en asociación con el Ponce Research Insitute. Tenemos un total de estudiantes matriculados para el año académico 2020-2021 de 1,490 en todos los programas y campus.

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 is committed to the highest standards of educational excellence and producing healthcare professionals dedicated to their profession and the communities they serve.

PHSU’s Expansion Plan

The PHSU proposes a two-phase $172 million expansion plan. Both phases are to be constructed sequentially with the classroom building completed first. The first phase, of approximately $72 million in investment, encompasses the expansion of the current academic facility and adjacent spaces. The second phase, with an estimated investment of $100 million, comprises a series of additional projects.

Upon completion, PHSU will almost double the size of the institution and considerably expand its economic and social development footprint in the region. The new additions will not only spur economic activity in the municipality of Ponce, and the Island as a whole, but will also support innovation in the U.S. health care arena. The project will also enable additional revenue streams and ultimately create more jobs and economic activity in a socially and economically distressed region

Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU) is a vital economic and social development infrastructure for the municipality of Ponce and the southern region of Puerto Rico. PHSU plays a critical role in supporting a broader pool of healthcare talent, fostering innovation in the healthcare arena, supporting a healthier and more resilient community, and providing for a more robust and diversified local and regional economy. Alongside its sister organization, the Ponce Research Institute (PRI), PHSU is also a significant source of economic impact in the region. In 2019, these institutions accounted for approximately $122 million in direct, indirect, and induced economic activity, supporting/creating over 1,575 jobs for a total payroll of $56 million, and generating approximately $7.4 million in taxes paid per year.

For the first phase, this project will produce 485 direct jobs plus 1,090 indirect employment with a total of 1,575 jobs for Puerto Rico. Based upon estimates developed by Estudios Técnicos, Inc., the construction of the two phases in full is expected to generate $401.6 million in additional economic activity, supporting/creating 1,282 jobs for a total payroll of $91.4 million.

In terms of the economic context of Puerto Rico, this represents a tremendous revenue and economic development for the island. To overcome the challenges we are facing today at an unprecedented historical moment, new investments are needed to improve the prospects for economic and social development in the medium and long term. The proposed expansion by the PHSU is a unique investment that also strengthens Puerto Rico’s vital development infrastructures. This project serves as a stimulus and confidence that will help develop health professionals and scientific research for Puerto Rico and the world.

Ponce Research Institute (PRI)

The Ponce Research Institute is the PHSU’s sister organization, focused primarily upon research initiatives and experiments. From 2018 to 2020, the PRI had been awarded over $43 million in grants and authored some 168 publications from 2016 to March 2020. Last year, the PRI conducted over 300 clinical trials with more than 200 patients participating in those trials. It also employed over 45 full-time staff and 100 students from the PHSU to aid in their research efforts.

Reference: The economic impact data and graphics were obtained by a study prepared by Estudios Tecnicos, Inc.

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