Dr. Mayra Roubert, Professor

Has a MS and a Dr.PH in Environmental Health from the School of Public Health at the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus. During her academic training she obtained expertise primarily in water quality and non-hazardous waste management. She has experience as a bio-molecular and environmental laboratory technician. Beginning in 1995 she has taught environmental sciences at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico at the bachelor and graduate degree levels. At PHSU PHP she teaches courses such as: Environmental Problems, Water Quality, Solid Wastes, Microbiology, Environmental Health, Environmental Laboratory Practices, and Industrial Hygiene, among others. Dr. Roubert, has been practicing in the environmental field for about 21 years. Her environmental laboratory expertise combined with her position as the environmental health office director at the Albergue Olímpico of Puerto Rico has been instrumental as a non-academic experience in applied public health. During her five years as director of the environmental health office at the Albergue Olímpico, she supervised the following areas: green areas, irrigation, private drinking-water system, wastewater treatment plant, aviary, occupational health concerns, food safety, and swimming pool water quality compliance, among others. Additionally, Dr. Roubert oversaw the development and submission of environmental documents to state regulatory agencies as the Environmental Quality Board, Puerto Rico Department of Health and Department of Natural Resources Since 2002, she has been mentoring MPH and Dr.PH students interested in the field of environmental health research.  During the 2007 dengue outbreak in Puerto Rico, she coordinated the University Epi Aid Teams, an educational collaboration with the Puerto Rico Department of Health in promoting preventive and vector control practices to the general community.

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