In evaluating the applicants, emphasis is placed upon integrity, character, academic achievements, motivation, emotional stability, GRE score, evidence of health care-related experience, interview reports, letters of recommendation and other information provided by the applicant. 

The applicant must:

  1. Present evidence of the successful completion of a master’s degree in an institution accredited by the PR Council of Education or by a US recognized accrediting organization.
  2. Have completed three credits of College Mathematics and the following courses prior to admission:

Course Title




Introduction to Environmental Health


Psychosocial Aspects of Public Health


Introduction to Epidemiology


Health Policy and Administration




Total Credits


*If the student is missing any of these credits, it can be taken in our Institution or another one.

  1. Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale).
  2. Have taken the GRE examination (General Test) with a minimum score of 500 (290 new score), no more than five years earlier
  3. Attend a personal interview
  4. Submit the following documents:
  5. Official transcript from all universities attended (undergraduate and graduate).
  6. Three letters of recommendation
  7. Two of the letters of recommendation should provide input from people in responsible position who can comment on your academic, employment or volunteer performance, character and interest. For undergraduate, this often means professors, academic advisors or employer.
  8. The third letter must be of someone who is able to assess your advocacy experience. All of them should be written using the format accompanying the application form.
  9. GRE official score www.ets.org/gre – no more than 5 years earlier
  10. Certificate of No Penal Record (Criminal Background Check)
  11. Application fee non-refundable $83 (USD)
  12. Essay and Curriculum Vitae

Upon acceptance, all students are required to submit the following:

  • Written confirmation of acceptance and a deposit of $100.00 to secure your seat in the entering class.
  • Physical Exam(form provided by Admissions Office)
  • Evidence of up to date immunization record (must include Varicella, Td Adult, MMR and three doses of Hepatitis B).
  • Other documents will be notified as pertinent

Application Process

The Application for Admission to the DrPH in Epidemiology can be downloaded or obtained personally at our Admissions Office.

Deadline to submit a complete application – May 30

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