Course Requirement

Students must complete all courses within the established time frame. The Program requires a minimum of credits according to the DrPH’s curriculum.

Performance Requirement

  1. A student must complete each academic year with a minimum grade point average of 3.00. Any student failing to meet 3.00 point GPA standard of performance or failing any course will be placed on probation and referred to the Student Promotion Committee.
  2. A minimum of B must be obtain on any require course
  3. A minimum of C must be obtain on any selective or elective course

Qualifying Examination Requirement

Qualifying Examination must be taken upon completion of the second academic year. If the student fails to approve the Qualifying Examination, the student, must enroll in the next quarter in independent study courses which must be approved in its entirety in that quarter. Any student failing to meet this standard performance will be referred to the Student Promotion Committee.

Doctoral Dissertation Requirement

A Doctoral Dissertation according to the established guidelines with a research proposal defense and Oral Dissertation Defense is required to obtain the Degree of Doctor in Public Health with specialty in epidemiology.

Professional Behavior Requirement

Students must conduct themselves in accordance with the norms for professional conduct set forth by Ponce Health Sciences University.

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