The PIC at PHSU is an exclusively affiliated internship consortium that comprises:

1. The two PHSU mental health training clinics:

a. The Center for Psychological Services and the Wellness Clinic

2. The Diagnostic and Treatment Center of the Puerto Rico Teachers Association at Hospital del Maestro.

3. The Primary Care Psychology Program of PHSU Clinical Psychology Programs

4. The Clinical Psychology Services Program at Damas Hospital, the main teaching hospital of PHSU

5. The Ponce Center for Autism (CEPA), a non-for- profit autism and neurodevelopment treatment center.

6. The pediatric inpatient unit of San Lucas Hospital, another PHSU teaching hospital.

Program goals

Goal #1: To prepare clinical psychologists to be able to competently integrate the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that serve as the foundation of clinical practice through the provision of a broad-based training experience.

Goal #2: To prepare clinical psychologists for the ethical delivery of evidence-based psychological services in diverse clinical situations through the provision of a wide variety of sequential, organized, and supervised training experiences. The development of competencies in assessment, diagnostic and case conceptualization skills; psychotherapeutic interventions; consultation; research and evaluation, supervision and teaching; and management and administration are critical to the attainment of this goal.