Student Council Elections AY 2021-2022

Every year PHSU renovates the Student Council.  This group represents the students in committees, provide voice to students concerns and needs, and are a direct link with the Student Affairs Division. Based on the Student Council bylaws, the Student Council is selected in groups to ensure participation and representation from all the Schools of the University based on the available candidates for the different positions.This year three groups have proposed themselves as alternatives for the students and are competing to receive the necessary votes from the PHSU student body.  In the following links you will access the group composition and each member information and commitment with the PHSU student population.

Voting starts on Thursday September 23rd, 2021 and ends on Saturday September 25th, 2021 (midday). 

Inform yourself and Vote!

To be able to vote, you need to login to your Microsoft account  here.

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PHSU is a fully accredited health sciences university located in Ponce, Puerto Rico. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality graduate and undergraduate educational programs, including; medicine, clinical psychology, biomedical sciences, public health, and nursing. We prepare our students by delivering a world-class culturally competent curriculum that gives them the tools to serve growing and diverse patient populations across the United States. The PHSU Main campus is located in Ponce, Puerto Rico, with a second campus in St. Louis, Missouri, and a learning center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. PHSU is recognized globally for its educational quality, service to the community, and research achievements in partnership with the Ponce Research Insitute. We have a total student enrolled for the Academic Year 2020-2021 of 1,490 across all programs and campuses.

At PHSU we are alert to any eventuality regarding the coronavirus

Ponce Health Sciences University is dedicated to providing the highest quality graduate medical education programs available.  This goal, in addition to the university’s research and health services programs, continues an over 40 year tradition of enhancing our profession and contributing to our community.

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