Student Life

Student Life

Located in Puerto Ricos lush tropical southern plain, Ponce is known as the pearl of the south (La Perla del Sur). The epic panoramas of the central mountain range of la cordillera meet the calm sapphire waves of the Caribbean Sea. 

PHSU’s campus is situated on “X” acres and features modern teaching facilities, research laboratories, library, and more. 


Students create the heart and soul of PHSU community. With over 30 student interest groups all PHSU students are actively encouraged to participate in off-campus activities and community service initiatives.  

The Ponce and larger Puerto Rico community are PHSU’s home. Since 1977 a core mission of the university is to encourage our students to explore our island and to serve those in need.

White Coat Ceremony

Each term, a White Coat Ceremony is held for first-term students entering into the four-year Schools of Medicine. The White Coat Ceremony is an important milestone in the lives of students because it marks their entry into these noble professions.  


Experience the campus

Missing campus experience 

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Student Associations

Several of PHSU’s student associations include: 

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is an independent national organization of medical students. In individual schools AMSA plays an active role in student life through community service projects, workshops and speaker presentations. These activities help keep medical students aware of the world around them.  

National membership in AMSA provides many advantages. Members receive The New Physician, AMSA’s national magazine, each month.

Other benefits include discounts on certain medical texts, availability of health and life insurance, and opportunities for students wishing to spend a few months working abroad. AMSA is open to all medical students and their participation is welcome.  

Medical students have a place in organized medicine through student membership in the American Medical Association (AMA). Each accredited medical school in the U.S. can be represented in the AMA-Medical Students Section (AMA-MSS) by a delegate and alternate delegate, who are the voting members. Nevertheless, assemblies are open to all medical students, and any student may submit a resolution to AMA-MSS for consideration.  

Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) is the only national honor medical society in the world. Its goal can be expressed in a phrase: to recognize and perpetuate excellence in the medical profession. Organized nationally in 1902, the PHSU chapter was chartered in 1990.  

Medical students, faculty, and alumni can be selected for AOA membership. Scholastic achievement, is a prime consideration, but is not the sole criterion for election. Integrity, leadership, and devotion to the welfare of one’s fellowman are important attributes. A maximum of one sixth of each graduating class may be inducted into the honor society. Membership may also be extended to faculty and alumni who have established themselves as local or national leaders in clinical practice, medical education or biomedical research.  

Each year the honor society sponsors a variety of activities aimed at enriching educational environment such as the community service projects designed by its members to achieve the principle

behind the society’s motto which is “worthy to serve the suffering”.  

Specialty Interest Groups have the purpose of helping the medical student learn more about the specialty as a career of choice. It also prepares the students for the resident matching process and promotes activities in the community. Some interest groups are

Family Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, and others.  

The Graduate Student’s Association (GSA) is a fully autonomous student body that represents all graduate students to the community of Ponce Health 

Sciences University (PHSU). The GSA formally represents the interests, ideas, and suggestions of the graduate students and helps individual graduate students with specific problems related to all aspects of the graduate program.

 One of the main goals of the GSA is promote communication between the graduate students themselves, as well as between the school’s administration and its various departments.  

The PsyD Student Association was founded in l999 as a forum for discussion of recent issues in Psychology. Its mission also includes support to the student body and community service.  

PHSU Tuna: It is the first tuna of a School of Medicine in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean; it aims to create a group for any student of our institution who is interested in a space of brotherhood, music and service.   

Link to contact info for each group 

Living in Ponce

To learn more about living in Puerto Rico the State Department of Puerto RIco has prepared “Campus Puerto Rico”, a valuable resource to any perspective student: 

If you are interested in learning more about the city of Ponce below is a link to the City’s official webpage

Safety & Security

As stated in the crime awareness and campus security act (Jeanne Clery Disclosure Security Policy) you are able to request a copy of PHSU’s security and safety report. If yo have any questions about this report feel free to contact Miriam Perez, Safety officer.

Below is a list of key contact information for campus safety.

Emergency Phones
(Often used phones)
Main Security number
(an emergency at PHSU)
Medical emergencies (Ambulances)787-843-2250; 787-840-5353;
787-343-2550; 787-843-2485;
787-843-2065; 787-843-2280
Puerto Rico Power Authority (AEE)787-812-8554; 787-812-8540;
Fire Department787-343-2230; 787-842-2202;
Poisoning Central Control787-726-5674
American Red Cross787-758-8150 (information/disaster)
1-866-220-7859 (emergency on holidays/weekends)
787-759-7979 (blood bank)
787-725-5354; 787-725-0121 (military service)
HospitalsHospital Damas 787-840-8686; 787-840-8655
Dr. Pila Hospital 787-848-5600; 787-848-6933
Hospital Episcopal San Lucas 787-840-4545
Hospital San Cristobal 787-848-2100
“Obras Publicas”787-844-7090; 787-844-0109
State Police787-284-4040; 787-343-2020;
787-842-2020; 787-842-0080; |
787-841-7058; 787-848-7090
Municipal Police
Office of the commissioner of Safety
787-848-7090; 787-848-7056;
787-848-7080; 787-848-70955
Confidential calls (Directs): 787-812-7020
Animal Protection
(Protection and control)

Report Your Situation​

Let us know how you feel, if you have travel or been exposed with people with symptoms.

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