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Student Support Services

Student Health, Well-Being, & Safety


The wellness center offers comprehensive medical services catering to both students and the community. It serves as a hub for addressing physical, mental, and emotional health needs, ensuring that all students have access to holistic healthcare support.

Office of Professional Counseling

The Office of Professional Counseling, located in PHSU’s Wellness Center is a focal point for student wellness. Staffed by three professional counselors, the OPC helps students with career counseling and personal counseling services.

Progressional Counseling Services

PHSU has a Professional Counseling Unit with two Licensed Professional Counselors and one Rehabilitation Counselor that offer professional counseling services to all students. All of our Counselors have a master‘s degree in their respective fields and a current professional license to offer services in Puerto Rico. One of our Counselors has also a doctoral degree in industrial organizational psychology. Our Professional Counselors are trained and have the skills to provide individual and group counseling related to academic, personal, career and psychological factors that may affect the student’s performance.

Psychological / Psychiatric Services

All PHSU Students have access to Psychological or Psychiatric services via the Wellness Center. In addition, if a student feels more comfortable meeting with a mental health professional offsite, arrangements can be made via the Counseling Office.


Mistreatment Reporting

At PHSU, we uphold a zero-tolerance policy towards mistreatment in any form. Our commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment ensures that every member of our community feels valued and respected. Discrimination and mistreatment have no place here; we prioritize dignity and uphold the highest standards of professional conduct, fostering an atmosphere where all can thrive.

Academic Support & Resources

Academic Support

At the academic department level, the department chairs, or the course/clerkship director monitors student performance in the courses/clerkships offered by that department. Each department, with assistance from the counselors identifies and meets with at risk students. The departments send notifications identifying the academic concern, or refer students to the counselor for further evaluation or for a particular intervention for an area of need.

Faculty Advising

Ponce Health Sciences University has identified faculty members to offer academic advising to students. Each student is assigned to a faculty adviser at the beginning of their studies. The faculty advisors shall identify the student’s strengths as well as any challenge or academic issue that can affect the student’s academic performance. They are also available to provide career counseling.  

Tutoring Services

Currently, PHSU-Faculty offer tutoring through review sessions. These sessions are coordinated and announced through the respective Departments. These reviews are available to any student with academic difficulty in the corresponding course.  

Also, a peer-to-peer tutoring program, where tutors are compensated for their time, is available to students.  

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors are students in higher levels of training that serve as peer mentors or sponsors to the incoming students with the aim to familiarize them with their program curriculum and educational environment in order to facilitate adjustment and integration to the new and challenging responsibilities of their educational program. At PHSU each second year class coordinates the distribution of the incoming students assigning them a mentor or tutor form a higher level of training.  

Career Advising and Matching Services

One of the most difficult aspects of a medical student‘s career is navigating medical school and the road to residency. The Office of the Assistant Dean of Career Development is tasked with implementing and executing career advising ad match services.

Report Your Situation​

Let us know how you feel, if you have travel or been exposed with people with symptoms.

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