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CQI - Communications​

  • Four decades of experience in medical education
  • High prestige in the community
  • Seasoned and effective administrators
  • Resiliency demonstrated after three consecutive natural disasters
  • Continuing accreditation by the LCME
  • Opportunity for rapid growth during the past two years
  • Excellent collaboration with local medical schools
  • Development of new campuses in Mayaguez, San Juan, and St.
  • New building and teaching facilities available on July 2023
  • Good network of clinical affiliates in PR and the USA
  • The Centro Médico Académico Regional del Sur-Oeste is the most active and most effective of the MARs in Puerto Rico
  • Increase in services and support to the local community in response to disasters
  • MS program pipeline to medicine program
  • New modern facilities
  • Campus and hospital facilities are centralized
  • Exposure to the vast majority of medical specialties
  • Committed faculty
  • Midwestern city, commodities are within walking distance
  • Different demographic, more diverse, and ethnic groups are represented
  • Affiliated to Mercy Hospital (1,252 beds)
  • Over 180 beds MMC (+ Bella Vista-150 beds/ La Concepcion-164 beds)
  • Includes Psychiatric Metropolitan Hospital of Cabo Rojo
  • Located in a college city (UPR-RUM)
  • ACGME accredited Internal and Family Medicine residencies in MMC and Family Medicine in Bella Vista
  • Specialists in CV surgery, several other surgical specialties and adult and pediatric subspecialties
  • NICU state-of-the-art facility
  • Ashford Presbyterian Hospital has around 250 doctors, 630 employees, and 175 beds in use
  • Hospital where more children are born per year in PR
  • Specialists in non-invasive surgery, maternal-fetal medicine, gynecology oncology, ENT, and colorectal surgery
  • Strong commitment from faculty toward education
  • Large number of faculty graduated from PHSU
  • Located in a prime location with a vibrant lifestyle
  • Close to International Airport
  • 24-hour access to your study facilities

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