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Scholarships: There are several different scholarships available to the students from sources outside Ponce Health Sciences University. Some of these scholarships require a repayment commitment by the recipient, such as one year of obligated service for each year of scholarship received: ARMY, NAVY, AIRFORCE and NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE CORPS.

The Ponce Health Sciences University allocates funds received from sources such; the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Beca Ayuda Suplementaria); National Medical Fellowship, Inc. and others.

Institutional Scholarships to cover educational expenses are available for distribution. Annually Institutional funds are allocated to distribute among students. The scholarships committee integrated by faculty members of all programs selects the recipients, the total distribution exceeds $100,000 annually. Actually, some fund-raising activities are been developed to increase availability of funds to this purpose.

To be considered for available scholarships, the student should request in writing in financial aid form.

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