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Ponce Health Sciences University

Assistant Trainer

  • Interview and recruit qualified individuals interested in our Program.
  • Train individuals to act as Standardized Patients, representing assigned medical
    situations, in Spanish as well as in English.
  • Assist in the participation of Standardized Patients: group sessions; formative
    sessions, clinical exams, and others.
  • Observe and evaluate the performance of Standardized Patients during the Program activities.
  • Detect and establish plans to improve Standardized Patients’ performance, whenever
  • Assist students when evaluating Standardized Patient activities.
  • Inform the Director or Assistant of any situation that requires decision-making.
  • Assist the Director in administrative tasks, when required, for the best functioning
    of the Program.
  • Participate and facilitate educational activities for Standardized Patients.
  • Other additional duties as established by the Program Director.


  • Bachelor’s Degree is Required for this position


  • Good communication skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Teamwork capacity
  • Ability to teach others.

Interested qualified candidates must send their current Resume to:
Dra. Marta Febo
Ponce Health Sciences University
P.O. Box 7004
Ponce, PR 00732-7004

Report Your Situation​

Let us know how you feel, if you have travel or been exposed with people with symptoms.

Thank you for inquiring into
 Ponce Health Sciences University 
for your education

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