Ponce Health Sciences University grants graduate degrees to 215 students in several health care disciplines

The institution also granted an Honoris Causa in Science to renowned

actor Raymond Arrieta

Two hundred and fifteen students from the Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU), received their degree in the university´s 39th graduation ceremony, held at the Complejo Ferial in Ponce. Out of the 215 alumni, 75 graduated from the Medicine

Program. This year’s ceremony also featured the first graduate class of the PHSU campus in San Juan. On another noteworthy first, this year marks the first time a group of students graduates from a doctorate’s in medicine after completing the master’s program in Medical Sciences.

In this year’s ceremony, PHSU granted the following degrees: Doctor of Medicine, master’s in Medical Sciences, doctorate in Biomedical Sciences, doctorate and master’s in Public Health, and doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Furthermore, PHSU granted a Doctor of Sciences (D.Sc) Honoris Causa to Raymond Arrieta, a renowned local artist who is an avid advocate against cancer. Arrieta was acknowledged, precisely,



for the admirable work he does in benefit of cancer patients. “We are deeply grateful that Raymond Arrieta accepted this distinction, especially because he just finished his eleventh walk ‘Caminata Da Vida’. We know that his commitment toward cancer patients motivates this new generation of health care professionals who go out into the world today to give others their best and to continue saving lives,” said PHSU Dean Dr. José A. Torres Ruiz.


On his part, PSHU President and CEO Dr. David Lenihan said: “At Ponce Health Sciences University, we are very proud of the professionals that walk out that door today to implement their knowledge and talents in benefit of health. Congratulations to all those who have reached one of their greatest dreams today. We encourage you to continue sharing your knowledge with the excellence and the commitment that distinguishes you.”

Ponce Health Sciences University is an academic institution focused on the disciplines of Medicine, Clinical Psychology, Biomedical Sciences, Public Health, and Nursing. Since 1977, it has developed highly capable professionals in the field of health care. Its newest academic center, in Santurce, offers a master’s program in Medical Sciences and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

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