Ponce Health Sciences University has a combined baccalaureate-MD program in consortium with the following universities:

Institution Contact information
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico
Biomedical Department 787-841-2000 Annette Colón, ext. 1565, 1629 Dra. Lymarie González, ext. 1565 Dra. Zaira Mateo, ext. 2550,2566
Universidad Sagrado Corazon de Puerto Rico
Natural Sciences Department 787-728-1515 Peter Barbosa: peter.barbosa@sagrado.edu Nadya Negrón Cartagena: nadjah.negron@sagrado.edu
University of Puerto Rico, Ponce campus
Biology Department 787-844-8181
Universidad Central de Bayamon
Natural Sciences Department 787-786-3030 ext. 2224 Dr. Pedro Robles probles@ucb.edu.pr
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Research and Accelerated Programs 973.596.3432 Kyle F. Dobiszewski, Ph.D. kyle.f.dobiszewski@njit.edu
Benedictine University
(630) 829-6300 admissions@ben.edu

The program includes three years of pre-medical courses from the institution selected (undergrad program) and four years of medicine at PHSU. Each university is responsible for the selection of the candidates to participate. They are selected among those who show outstanding performance in High School and College Board Exams. For PHSU, these candidates must comply with all requisites established in the consortium of each institution.


The Admissions Committee of the MD program will evaluate each candidate individually and must participate in an interview process. Therefore, be part of a binary program does not guarantee automatic admission to PHSU’s MD Program.

Applications are processed through AMCAS. Also, the secondary application must be completed.